A Review of Lucia Neagu’s Exhibition

This is a guest post by Delia Iliesiu Prvacki. On the occasion of reviewing the exhibition of Mrs. Lucia Neagu at Suzanne Zahr Gallery on Mercer Island WA, it is important to understand we are looking at a collection of paintings coming from a very special, unusual context. We need to place its creator in the frame of complex events and accept this exhibition as metaphor and embodiment of many segments making a life of an exceptional woman - academic, artist, wife, mother, citizen of the world. Despite the fact that she appeared only recently on the Seattle's art scene, [...]

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My Book: Ceramica – meșteșug, artă și știință

Written after I retired (1990-1995), it still remained an unfulfilled project, a dream of my professional life, until last year (2017) when my former students gave me a boost of confidence offering to help and made me to revive, update and publish it. Thank you  for your trust and  belief in the necessity of this book,  making my dream come true.  Next is the abreviated table of content of the book. Cuprins abreviat: Cuvânt înainte Introducere..... Lumea  ceramicii Partea I    Ciobul ceramic Capitolul 1....Materii prime  Materii prime plastice;  Specificul materialelor argiloase;  Proprietățile materialelor argiloase;          Materiile [...]

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Lumea ceramicii

Introduction to my book  CERAMICA -  meșteșug, artă și știința Nevoia de supraviețuire, setea de cunoaștere și ingeniozitatea l-au făcut pe om să pătrundă de timpuriu în tainele pământului, pentru a găsi mijloacele de satisfacere a nevoilor sale materiale și spirituale, construindu-și astfel, în timp, o lume pe măsura lui. Pământul argilos și piatra au fost printre primele materiale pe care el le-a prelucrat, dar în timp ce piatra a rezistat vitregiilor vremii, argila modelată s-a dezintegrat. Numai când, prin puterea focului, argila a devenit ceramică, formele create au început să înfrunte istoria. Pământul argilos, care stă la baza ceramicii, se găsește [...]

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My Book: “Drops of Memories”

My book Drops of Memories, written in 2016 and published as an e-book in 2017 was triggered by a strong desire of poring out  my life:  work,  dreams, struggles, conflicts, mistakes,  achievements and the lessons I learned and wanted  now to share them with my family and friends. Introduction My parents   My father; My mother My childhood   The begining; Tyfoid Fever; The famine; No more Lies; Winter preparations; Sunday at home; Washing Machine; Vision Counts The War    German Plane; Around radio; Hungarians and Russians; Deserters? Learning   From Construction to Architecture; China; Beijing Central Institute of Applied Art; Bucharest Institute of [...]

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Biography Insights

My passion for art started early in childhood. In my youth I earned a graduate degree in Applied Art, however, with children to raise and a job to hold, I found no time for artistic pursuits. I hoped that later in life I would be able to find the time to express myself as an artist. That time came in 2006 when I came from Romania to the United States, where my kids lived.  Here I started a new phase of my life – a late painting journey. I chose to express myself in painting because I could do it [...]

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How I Paint

I continually think about the process of painting. I understand that every artist is different in his or her approach and this is why, I find it challenging to take time to understand myself, my needs, my strength and my limits. I consider my paintings as glimpses, spontaneous comments on my life, experiences, feelings, emotions, memories and thoughts. They come from deep inside me, most of the time in unconscious ways, filtered by my soul, my spirit, and intellect. They are expressed through shapes and colors which I see around me. Sometimes I take surreal approach; at other times toward [...]

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Constraints and Options

It is natural for a human being to desire the best in his work, environment and personal output. Between this wishful thinking and real life, there is always a gap we try to narrow. Life is a long chain of provocations that give us the chance to learn about our surrounding and ourselves, understanding who we are, what we want, and what are our strengths and weaknesses. We continuously plan and refine our goals and the way we respond to life’s demands. Under multiple pressures put on us, the most important thing is our attitude, our understanding based on knowledge, judgment and personal [...]

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Technics in Quotes

"I found that doing preliminary detailed sketches for me is not relevant. The joy of painting is to find my way out through changes and adjustments in the process of painting." LN " Willem de Kooning typically, would start with a drawing, add paint, draw on top of the paint, scrape the surface down, draw more images traced and transferred from elsewhere, add paint to them, and on and on." "Freedom? Yes, it's there, but also the obligation to perfection. And fear of uncertainty? Always. You never face a new canvas without fear. But not trepidation, more joy - and [...]

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Art Quotes

"Art is subjective, but of a controlled subjectivity, based on an objective raw material.” Fernand Lejer' "Art is a lie that makes us recognize the truth.” P. Picasso "Art doesn’t reproduce the visible, rather it makes visible.” Paul Klee "Nature stimulates a feeling, and I translate this feeling into art”. Georges Braque' "Life beats down and crushes the soul and art remainds you that you have one." Stella Adler "Art is the highest form of hope." Gerhard Richter "Art is the glorification of the human spirit and as such it is the cultural documentation of the time in which is [...]

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Painting in Quotes

"You begin with the posibilities of the material" Robert Rauschenberg "Art is the magnification of limitations. Art is doing everything you can within walls". Brian Rutenberg "Great art can arise from discontent and cynicism, but also can be born of wonder and serenity. Speak from your heart. " Brian Rutenberg "The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude. " Friedrich Nietzsche "A painting should grow like a living, breathing thing in which the ideas come out of the process. Starting with an idea and building a picture around it inserts a gap between artist and the viewer [...]

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