In the fall of 1956, my school moved to a wonderful brand-new building, following the separation of Central Institute of Applied Art from Central Institute of Fine Arts.

Group photo with Han Meilin and me

Group photo with Han Meilin and me

It had large studios with skylights and windows opened to northern light, easels for drawing, library, kilns, dormitory and cafeteria. A small campus compared with Beita. I shared a dormitory room with a Chinese girl from my class.

The Dean of my faculty was a respected artist Mei-Tsiein, who spoke beautiful English, though, at that time, I did not.

Above is a very dear photo, which I did not have, and Han Meilin sent it to me. (Thank you Meilin!)

I am happy to share it with my dear readers and former students, colleagues of more than six decades ago. Wishing you all my best and still dreaming to come to Beijing to embrace you all and share our life experiences.

Lu Jie