During middle years, I was profoundly unsatisfied with my life, feeling that all my energies were consumed taking care of my family and school duties and no time remained for something significant for my deep self. I wanted more.


Stress (2016)

When my two kids left home and I followed my husband assignment at Romanian UN Mission in Geneva, I decided to give all my energies to author my long time planned  book on ceramics “Ceramica – meșteșug, artă și știința.” The book is in Romanian and the title translates to Ceramics – craft, art, and science. It took me almost five years to put it down and joyfully compensate my frustrations. I did not publish it, life events followed in rapid succession, my grandson was born, my husband got sick, I remained widow and joined my kids in the USA.

After healing and a lot of thinking, I decided to dedicate my time and energy, pursuing artistic goals, doing artwork. The most simple and economical solution was to paint in my living space. Watercolor and less toxic acrylics became my preferred medium. I was amazed that after all these decades, I  kept with me my mother’s old German Pelikan watercolors (a well known  brand in Romania) and all the inks from China. It was the right time to put them to effective use!