Studying ceramics, I was mainly sensitized to forms, structures, and textures. Color decisions played a secondary role, mainly directed by my spontaneous feeling rather by a deliberate intent. I looked at a lot of paintings made by artists that were using noble, deeply studied colors. I was longing for exactly the opposite – I wanted bold colors.


Dream (2009)

My artist friends told me that my palette is raw and unrefined. I still stuck to it because I felt it deeply connected to my emotions, my own sensitivity. I thought that in time I will refine and replace this wild palette but it did not happen. I am surprised to see how I resisted changing, softening, refining, or muting the colors. I wanted to evolve but I continue to have a bias toward strong colors.

I am pleased to find that there are some people who respond and praise my wild, untamed colors. I consider my color chapter still in development. I am open to discover new associations, that have potential emotional impact.

Each color has an expression potential. It takes art, science, and a lifelong dedication to find associations and mixtures that work best to convey the emotions I want to represent.