When I decided to dedicate my remaining time to painting, I answered several questions which were on my mind:

Why do I want to paint?

Because I have at my disposal a finite amount of time and I want to consume it for something that is significant to me; to give me pleasure, to stimulate me emotionally, mentally, and to give me a sense of enjoyment for being alive.



Can I paint? Have I something to say?

I was not sure; I needed to prove with my work what I was doing. Now, after 7 years of painting, I demonstrated  that I do have something to say, and I am in the process of improving and saying it better over time.

What kind of painting I want to make?

I had to choose between painting sporadically, with rapid satisfaction or engage on a long consistent journey with slower progress. I chose the latter and started with flowers, because I studied them in China and they seemed easy to me. When I realized that I could paint them, my interest in flowers diminished and did not return since.

What is the final motivation that keeps me painting?

My most important motivation is to discover who I am, learn about myself, liberate and free myself of shyness and inhibitions imposed by life; to enhance my trust, courage, and respect for my values and clarify to myself the path I need to follow.