Today’s colors are much different from those, I knew in my childhood. They can be incredibly special, powerful,

My studio 2017

awakening, stimulating, provoking, healing, soothing and elevating our feelings. My emotional response to them proves my sensitive perception of their power.

By nature, I am attracted to use strong colors. I asked my friend artists to advise me, and the most frequent observation I got was about my too strong, raw, unrefined, untamed palette. Art schools’ students spend a lot of time learning mixing color to obtain a noble colorful refined palette to work with. Such a palette responds well to my intellect but did not move me emotionally. Now, 15 years later, I am still working on my strong colors, trying to make sense of them.  I am trying to discover colors subtleties in associations and vibration to each other, inducing emotions and feelings of surprise and pleasure, emphasizing them to look alive, like living creatures, just by themselves. I want my color to elate, to hurt, to salivate, to stimulate, to awake, to fascinate. Hope to have time to deepen this direction.