I choose to express myself in painting, as the only creative activity I could do in my tiny place. In time my small living room turned into a mini-painting studio. Constraints are reflected by the painting technique I use, dictated by the small easel and absence of an empty wall or floor space. I tried to adapt myself to existing constraints.

Drawing 2010

Doing diptych and triptych, partially fulfilled my longing for bigger canvases and at the same time taught me, how the lack of space can complicate creative process, making annoying difficult to keep in balance two canvases on a small easel.

In my dreams, I imagine my energy released by my hand through big brush strokes, each leaving spontaneous marks full of life on the surface of canvas. In real life that would be impossible because of drippings all around.

This reminds me again that artists need a studio, where they can find themselves, concentrate on their own expression, eliminating the frustrating constraints.

Trying to compensate for these limitations, by working more on details, means losing spontaneity. Sometimes artists need to accept a compromise until they can find a way to avoid it and fight to preserve the freshness and spontaneity of their artistic expression.