I started my journey painting realistically. After two years, I felt ready and confident to try an imaginary, abstracted expression. What fascinated me most, was the discovery of the creative process, which I heard, read about, but never encountered myself.


I was fascinated to observe how it works. I could not believe the Magic, how the intuition takes the driver seat and you just follow it. Chasing this state of exploding creativity takes time, you cannot jump directly into it, you need to work and struggle, and only then, eventually, you attract the Magic. At least that was my case.

Not all artist goes through this. Some painters relay on nature, on photos, on sketches, on studied composition, on memory or all the above. It depends on artist’s gifts and personality. Some with strong imagination, can start at one corner and finish at the opposite one, copying from their mind the image. Others need to keep creativity stimulated, by working in steps, revising, improving in a permanent dialog between painting, mind and intuition.

I cannot imagine my finished painting, sketches do not help, I feel the emotions, but not clear image, just sensations. I work in steps needing to be stimulated by my own actions. The beginning is uncertain.

As it is building up a new world, full of my truth opens to me. Strongly connected to intuition, I forget about myself and enter a zone of no time, just freedom and happiness to express myself. In this stage the work flows, I make the right decisions, one after another. I am chasing this phase, I do not own it, it owns me from time to time. The amount of time in it is fluid, you never know. The more talent you have, you can go deeper, connect easier and for a longer time. It is Magic.