All artists are confronting with constraints and must adapt themselves and their art to them. Ideal, work conditions are not easy and promptly attainable, but the presence of constraints in our work is not just negative. Constraints enhance our creativity, put pressure on us to find creative solutions that overcome their negative effect and bring us to a higher level of awareness and ability to plan, organize and get what we want.

Drawing 2009

Wonderful work can come out not only despite, but because of existing limits. For all positive outcome to happen, we need to keep alive the discipline of work; only by pushing themselves we can obtain the satisfaction we crave for.

When working space is a problem, sharing space, associating with others can be a good temporary answer. Rethinking the scale of work can be also a solution. Changing medium or painting technique to fit existing constraints is another way to go.

Life is fluid, few decisions are permanent, the most important one is to be stubborn, to work, no matter what – to have grit. Opportunities appear all the time, and we need to be ready to take them as they appear.