Drops of Memories - book cover

Drops of Memories – book cover

My book Drops of Memories, written in 2016 and published as an e-book in 2017 was triggered by a strong desire of poring out  my life:  work,  dreams, struggles, conflicts, mistakes,  achievements and the lessons I learned and wanted  now to share them with my family and friends.

  1. My parents   My father; My mother
  2. My childhood   The begining; Tyfoid Fever; The famine; No more Lies; Winter preparations; Sunday at home; Washing Machine; Vision Counts
  3. The War    German Plane; Around radio; Hungarians and Russians; Deserters?
  4. Learning   From Construction to Architecture; China; Beijing Central Institute of Applied Art; Bucharest Institute of Fine Art; New York Public Library; Teaching Ceramics; My book “Ceramics”
  5. My Husband    First Encounter; My wedding; First Apartment; Romica;  Life Together; Scary Story; Violence; Discrimination; Last Years; Publications
  6. Motherhood    Maternity; My First Child; My Second Child; Becoming Grand Parents
  7. Extended Family    My Parents in Law; Aunt Tica; Aunt Liuba; Others
  8. Our Homes    Maria Ghiculeasa; Civic Center
  9. Vacations  Hiking; Camping; Skying; Cultural Vacations
  10. USA   Master of My Life; Painting; Health;  Jazzercise; Epilogue