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My studio in 2017

Painting process is different and unique for every artist, serving the artist’s personality, with its particular needs. I paint mainly for myself, trying to be true to myself, using this activity as a pleasant and efficient way to deal with complexities of real life.

My paintings are spontaneous comments on my life experiences, feelings, emotions, memories and thoughts. I do not want to hide my struggles, insecurities, worries and conflicts… They appear in my paintings, frequently through the colors, and the dynamic of forms and shapes. I recognize them and welcome them.

This is my life; I accept the way it is, and my paintings reflect it. In my studio, alone, surrounded by my paintings I feel whole, satisfied and secure.

When I am painting, I do not see in my mind clear images, mostly hints of an idea. The painting is building itself from components of my personality, following intuition, governed by my feelings and emotions. They come from inside, in unconscious ways, filtered by my soul, spirit, feelings and intellect. They are expressed by my hand on canvas in forms, shapes and colors, taken from my stored vocabulary, occasionally instantly enriched.

Sometimes I take a surreal approach; at other times I lean toward a colder design expression. Almost at all times, there is a tendency to imbue it with some organic touch, originating in feelings and emotions which softens my reaction. I am not attracted to a cold, abstract, geometric, intellectual expression. I am trying to make my expression lyrical, to satisfy my soul needs.