It is natural for a human being to desire the best in his life, work, and environment. Between this wishful thinking and real life, there is always a gap we try to narrow.

Drawing 2010

Life is a long chain of provocations that give us the chance to learn about our surrounding, ourselves, understanding who we are, what we want, what are our strengths and weaknesses. We continuously plan and refine our goals and the way we respond to life’s demands.

Under the pressures put on us, the most important thing is our attitude, our understanding based on knowledge, judgement, and priorities. Are we going to fight for what we want and believe? Are we stubborn enough to bend reality and make it to work for us, or we are we going to find excuses and surrender?

As in life, so in art.  Few artists have an easy life, it is most common to see artists struggling, not only with their art but with the circumstances around them, coping with sacrifices and, despite all the hardships, still working with passion and determination to fulfil their inner drive to express themselves.