I graduated in 1961 and lost connection with the Central Institute of Applied Art in Beijing, where I went to school.

My class, teachers, and students, 1956

My class, teachers, and students, 1956

In 2019, in a surprising way and unusual circumstances, I reconnected with my former colleague at the institute in China, by now, worldwide known, revered, artist Han Meilin.

What an unbelievable chance! He invited me to come to Beijing in 2020 to meet more of my colleagues of six decades ago, who all responded enthusiastically to this unexpected possible meeting.

I accepted and looked forward to it. Right when we were about to decide the date, Covid-19 interfered and all moves were postponed. I still hope to travel to Beijing to embrace my former colleagues of 60 years ago.

Now, I am waiting to see what awaits us next.