This year marked a decade and a half of creative work, finalized with victories and achievements: from the joy of starting painting (2006), to writing Drops of Memories (2016) and finally accomplishing the dream of my professional life by publishing Ceramica – meșteșug, artă și știință (2020). More details and illustrations from this book on ceramics (in Romanian) on the dedicated book website.

I consider my paintings of 2020, (Cosmic Sign, Night Sky, Dynamic energies, Hidden Sky 1,2, Night Rings) my expression of jubilation that at 84 I can report my mission accomplished.

I painted Cosmic Sign at the start of 2020, imagining to be a huge Romanian New Year “sorcova”, like a bright comet traversing the sky, for all inhabitants of our planet to see, wonder and enjoy, bringing good luck, welfare, harmony, peace, and happiness to all. It is interesting to remark that all my spontaneous paintings of this year reflect unconsciously an outburst of liberation, satisfaction at seeing my life’s projects done. 😊

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