Paintings of 2015 were not influenced or slowed down by other projects going in my life. They reflect my full-time commitment to painting, and present clearly my tendencies, struggles, shortcomings, and progress.

Looking at design-drafting, precise expression in Gridscape and Hive, I clearly see that their expressed vision originates in my technical construction high school background.  Is that good or bad? It all depends on what you do with these tendencies, how you incorporate them in the creative work. A compromise, less design précised is what characterized most of my other paintings: Windscape, Shape shift, Scythe 2, Vibe 2, Contra 2, Windscape 2, Circling.

At the other end of my output are the painterly painting. Not much. The best is Skirt with best spontaneous strokes, Ambers and Caveoxic about a cave in Thailand where a group of high schoolers got stranded for days and have been rescued.

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