Now, five years after I started painting, I can see my imagination blooming, moving in different directions, jumping to various sources of inspiration, and giving me pleasure to follow it. Trying themes, around the concept of energy, related to my Chinese experience, gave me a window to understand myself in my search to translate my vision into an image. Instead of following a steady direction, I found satisfaction in changing my subjects, responding promptly to outside or inside stimulus. I consider this phase a necessary phase of growing, enriching my knowledge and widening my experience.

 Wanting to amplify the size of my paintings, again, I connected in Old Woods, two canvases inspired by my hiking. In The Summit, inspired by a TV reportage of an escalation in Himalaya, I connected two small canvases. Forest Delight resulted after connecting three small canvases inspired by tree barks into a big rectangle 20”x60”.

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