In 2006, at 70s, I transformed my tiny place in my first STUDIO, a PAINTING STUDIO.  To start, I chose flowers I love and know well from my Chinese experience.  A florist shop, changing weekly its display, supplied me with flowers I needed.  I planned to paint a collection of watercolors, dedicating each painting to a different imaginary arrangement. Holding just one flower in my hand, rotating it, observing its changing shape and color, spontaneously making decision about composition, made me active, satisfied, and happy.

Soon I realized that I want to leave behind the realistic depiction of flowers, to paint them simplified, essentialized in a decorative way, with more of my own input. I wanted to diversify my subjects. with real and imagined landscapes. I wanted to test my limits. In my first output of imaginary, spontaneous, landscapes I was amazed to find four small paintings, I labeled them Cosmic Events, a prelude to many paintings to come around this subject.

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