My studio 2009

Because of some unfavorable circumstances, I never had a studio and always missed it and regretted its absence. I want to plead, to every young artist to think early, from the start of their creative carrier, of the necessity to grow and develop as an artist, as a product of a studio environment which forms deep ingrained working habits, stresses discipline, introspection, making the most of the creative potential. Working in this special place, artists call studio, is a form of showing love, respect, and commitment to their work. Organize your work environment as early as you can, make it the best possible; it will help you be true in your expression, efficient and confident. Do not be satisfied with less; aim high and work.

For an artist, the studio is a sacred temple where he can be alone, forgetting about time, and reflecting on what is on his mind, synchronizing his thoughts and feelings, making plans, and experimenting his idea.  Artists need plenty of quiet time, undisturbed by outside world, away from intruders.  For many a background of preferred music is a blessing. Frequently on their door is posted “No enter, unless invited”.