No matter how busy I was involved with other projects, finding subjects for new paintings remained constantly in my attention, preparing me ready to investigate in all directions.

The released of photographs taken by Hubble Telescope attracted my attention. Space Fold, inspired by such photo gave me liberty to phantasies around the subject, wanting me to learn more about the magic outer space. Fairy Trail, a spontaneous painting about an imaginary trail from an imagined happy ending story, signified for me a place to rest for my wandering mind. Rattle, a very emotional painting for me, inspired by a TV reportage in Syria, explained later in more details, enriched my knowledge, and refined my attitude toward events happening on our Planet. Live Jewelry reminded me of a long ago summer, at the Black sea in Romania, when being in the water, I observed to be surrounded by many gliding sea creature, of undefined form (not fish), I never saw before. It impressed and scared me out from the water.

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