To paint landscape is harder but can be rewarding, impressive and majestic. To successfully express landscapes, I needed firsthand emotions, producing deep memories and some photographs to nourish my imagination and desire to paint. The painting can be done later inside, in solitude. In 2007 I felt attracted to paint watercolor landscapes from Far West Rockies, much different from Carpathian landscapes I know. I visited and revisited places, took photos to absorb their specific. Seeing that their unique, majestic beauty can be captured, made me want to paint more. As I became more confident, I wanted to step away from traditional, realistic landscape depiction, replacing them with imagined places high in the sky or deep in the sea water, closer to an imagined unknown abstract environment. Replacing Rocky’s landscapes with imaginary ones opened to me a wide area to express myself and taught me a lot about the power of imagination. The attraction to depict in my paintings unknown strange environments persists to these days. At the same time, experimenting with my newly bought fluid acrylics made me aware of changes to come.

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