1. Doina

    “Dream” remains my favourite, as I told you last year. That delicate lace, suggesting a structure that you only can dream about, is out o this world. It’s fluid and solid, chilly and warm, inner and outer – a perfect balance.

    • Raz

      “Dream” is my favorite too!… Albeit I was not able to articulate so well the reasons why. Testing a link.

      • Doina

        Thanks for the tip, Raz. I tried a link today and didn’t work but I guess why. I try it again right here.

    • lucianeagu

      Thank you Doina, you are generous. Yes, you told me before that you like it. I like it too, but there was something that stop me painting in that direction. I used acrylic paste for texture and a lot of surface details “ads on” which I decided to avoid for the time I am still learning basics. I did not want to spent time on tricks, hiding my inexperience. I wanted bare truth, being able to see at once my shortages. I am sure that at some point I will go back to it and try to revive that feeling in a series of canvases.

      • Doina

        Well, you don’t have to do what you don’t feel like to. But you’re talking about “tricks”, “inexperience”, “learning basics” that are not related at all to that particular picture, nor to what you’ve painted after. You’re maybe lacking self-confidence, not experience. Van Gogh also carved a thick white paste under the paint and he made-up his style by that, you know.

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