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Reconnecting to painting after almost three years in which I expressed myself mainly with words, made me feel enriched, wiser and happy to get back to my world of feelings, expressed with shapes and colors. My two books (Drops of Memories and Ceramics - craft, art and science ) plus three painting shows, made me busy, fulfilling my desire to live significantly. View Album
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After a year of writing about my family, my childhood and my professional life, I self-published my “Drops of Memories” book, and made it available to family and friends. I initially thought that my writing experiment is over. However, I was emboldened to revive my manuscript about ceramics, written earlier and unpublished. With a newfound confidence in my writing, I focused my energies on this new project and decided to finish and publish it. It was an ambitious decision and it took a lot of work. View Album
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I paused my painting for a while this year to pursue another project; writing down a memoir. I wanted to handle all aspects of my book, text, illustrations, page layout, cover, overall design. I sacrificed my painting to express myself in words and I found to be pleased with my decision. I knew, I will return to painting as soon as I could. View Album
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Continuing working. I tried to connect some of my older paintings in a single coherent expression (dyptich) or to expand some older paintings by adding wings to it (tryptich). View Album
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I was disappointed, it seemed to me that I hit the ceiling and nothing was moving on. No improvement, no hope. Suddenly at the end of a painful year, a light appeared at the horizon. It just came from nowhere, it opened another door for me to walk in. What a miracle realization. It comes not when you want it, but when you are ready for it. View Album
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Working, trying to improve my technical skills, refining my imagination, aiming at a richer and more precise expression. An unfortunate accident fractured my spine and brought me down in opposite direction, diminishing my energy and imagination. After month of adjustments, not fully recovered I returned to painting. View Album
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I begun to see more than it is there to see and synchronizing better my feelings, imagination with painting technique. View Album
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After more design type paintings I decided to move deeper into a more painterly world, expressing my feelings with colors. View Album
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I continued my Nature inspired paintings and moved a step closer to an abstract vocabulary by trying to express the notion of "energy", the way I understand and envision it. It seemed very challenging to me. With additional touch, I merged in one coherent composition (diptych or triptych) individual paintings made earlier. View Album
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Before trying to express myself in a more abstract way, I decided to spend more time studying, observing nature while hiking, trying to understand the rules, the essence of its build up. I also joined together six of the previous year Jones Island's rock canvases into one huge canvas with a more powerful message about Nature. The acrylic on canvas became my main media of expression. View Album
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A visit made on Jones Island in Puget Sound, where my grandson had a Summer Camp, revealed to me, along the shore, some powerful, strange old rocks of extraordinary beauty, an unbelievable, fantastic story modeled in stone. I was impressed and tried to capture on many canvases my strong feelings induced by those rocks. I also did some nonrepresentational paintings in acrylic on canvas and paper. View Album
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Flowers, landscape, seascape, abstract improvisation in watercolor on paper, yupo and acrylic on paper. The result made me wanting to continue painting to grow in confidence and gradually, by looking outside and inside myself, to move from the descriptive, realistic expression to one favoring my imagination, my feelings. View Album
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Flowers, landscapes, seascapes, cosmoscapes in watercolor, acrylic on yupo, paper and board. It was a big surprise to realize that I can paint and be happy in the process. I discovered the beautiful colors available to artists today. What a technical progress from half century ago! What a challenge for an artist! View Album
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Ceramics created in the 70's and 80's, while teaching Ceramics Technology at the Ceramic Department of Faculty of Decorative Art in Bucharest. I did a lot of lab work, searching modalities to enrich the ceramic surface through controlled texture and color, using slips and glazes. I was passionately involved in researching volcanic and crystalline glazes. View Album
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Art created between 1957-1961, while studying Ceramics at the Central Institute of Applied Art in Beijing, China. Instead of studying classical oil painting I studied traditional Chinese style painting Guo-hua ( Cong-bi and Xie-yi) representing flowers, birds, landscapes and people. View Album
  1. Cristina Popescu Russu
    Cristina Popescu Russu05-08-2011

    Draga Lucia, super lucrari, super Site.
    Sunt uimita sa vad ce grozave picturi ai facut. BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    Ma bucur din tot sufletul ptr tine.
    Acum este la mine in vizita fratele meu din Germania, de aceea incerc sa scriu mai mult zilele urmatoare.
    Cu drag,

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