Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2011’

  • Technics in Quotes


    “I found that doing preliminary detailed sketches for me is not relevant. The joy of painting is to find my way out through changes and adjustments in the process of painting.” LN ” Willem de Kooning typically, would start with a drawing, add paint, draw …

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  • Art Quotes


    “Art is subjective, but of a controlled subjectivity, based on an objective raw material.” Fernand Lejer’ “Art is a lie that makes us recognize the truth.” P. Picasso “Art doesn’t reproduce the visible, rather it makes visible.” Paul Klee “Nature stimulates a feeling, and I …

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  • Painting in Quotes


    “You begin with the posibilities of the material” Robert Rauschenberg “Art is the magnification of limitations. Art is doing everything you can within walls”. Brian Rutenberg “Great art can arise from discontent and cynicism, but also can be born of wonder and serenity. Speak from …

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  • Abstract Painting


    I consider myself an abstract painter. Why? Simply, because the abstract imagery is capable of triggering  in me  the strongest emotions, no other representation can do. I can recognize good art in any medium and style, I can admire skillful work, but the emotions are …

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